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InkBlood Coagulation 2014



InkBlood ~ Writing from the vein, presents Coagulation 2014

InkBlood Coagulation 2014 is a month long celebration of Poetry and Art, featuring a one of a kind Poetry Contest!

For the next thirty (30) days we will be indulging in Klecksography and Poetry together, learning to appreciate the beautiful relationship shared between these two exquisite forms of art.

Must see!

How to make a Klecksograph ~ http://tinyurl.com/ksb3ok2

Submitting your poem ~ http://tinyurl.com/n3sjc3k

The point of this event is to write Poems inspired by the Klecksographs submitted by other artists, and to submit your own Klecksographs, which will serve as inspiration for other poets!

At the end of thirty days we will declare three (3) winners –

Two winners will each win a specially designed, beautiful Collector’s Edition in-house published book of all the Klecksographs and Poems submitted to
InkBlood Coagulation 2014 – [16th January to 16th February 2014]


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