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How to make a Klecksograph ~ Calling all Artists!


Welcome to the realm of Apophenia.

Steps to make your own Klecksograph:-

With a dropper or a piece of cotton, gently now, drop drops of ink on to a piece of paper and fold it in half before it becomes dry. When this page is unfolded, you will find a mirror reflection in the halves.

Here’s how:-


Let the ink smear, let the ink dry, and look deep into it unflinchingly. What do you see?

The inkblots will resemble something from your life because of Apophenia; the human tendency to see patterns in nature, where there may be none.

Klecksography is the art of making images by this method, from inkblots.

Make your own Klecksographs and send them to us at – inkblood.info@gmail.com – and we will upload them to the album titled Coagulation Klecksography 2014!

Take a look here – http://tinyurl.com/majfxes  

In the words of Peter Brugger…

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